Oshawa Massage Therapy: How Do Muscles Remember the Relief It Brings?

The human brain is a remarkable organ. For one thing, it allows other organs to store commands into its vast databank so that they don't have to relearn each function over and over again. You can liken this data to the cached files on your internet browser that enable it to remember information about your frequently visited websites.

When it comes to muscles, scientists refer to a physiological phenomenon called "muscle memory." Despite the term, however, muscles are incapable of memory storage. Muscles are home to thousands of nerve endings that belong not to the musculoskeletal system but to the nervous system.

Just as much it involves remembering the good, however, muscle memory also brings up the bad; i.e. chronic pain. An open wound may close in due time, but the pain may linger on as muscle memory. Fortunately, relaxing Oshawa massage at a wellness center like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation can relieve the pain. Yet how exactly does massage influence muscle memory?

Learning How to Relax

The long-term effects of massage are made possible thanks to muscle memory, particularly your muscles’ ability to learn how to loosen up. As massage does its magic, the relief it brings becomes stored in muscle memory. The habit won't develop in just one sitting, though; commands must be done in quick succession to be entirely automatic.

Relaxing massage therapy in Oshawa, therefore, needs to take place over multiple sessions. In time, your body learns to crave the relief you experience under the deft hands of an experienced massage therapist.

Massage also aims to replace other musculoskeletal commands associated with pain rather than relief. Is stiff neck a problem for you every morning? Massage can loosen up the muscles around your neck and allow your head to turn again. The change in muscle functions consequently helps the muscles "unlearn" the commands that give you that annoying stiff neck.

Experts estimate that it would take 10,000 hours of repetition for muscles to remember a new complex command (e.g. playing the piano, lifting weights). However, the changes may start to kick in earlier. Therefore, massage therapy should be part of your to-do list as you develop new healthy habits.

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Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley


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