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I had never been to a physio or a Chiropractic clinic before so I was unsure of what to expect. From the moment I stepped in the door, I felt right at home. The doctors showed compassion towards my condition, and took the time to educate me about proper healing and rehabilitation remedies. They listened to me and included me in my treatment plan. I never felt rushed or out of place. They accommodated my busy schedule by being flexible with my visits. It was evident that they cared about my recovery.

Travis Buchan

I had a spinal fusion over 40 years ago and pain medication was the only option offered by the other doctors . Under Dr. Riley's care I have been able to reduce the pain medication by 40%.... and looking to lower it further! The difference Dr. Riley has made is remarkable, more energy, less pain, exercising regularly. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr.Riley and company

Ed Crawford

Friendly, professional and my back always feels better afterwards :)

Nicole McCormack

I am so grateful to Dr. Riley for her outstanding care. I have been suffering with a sore hip, back and neck for a few years and cannot believe the improvement I have felt in such a short time. I regret not seeing Dr. Riley sooner as I had hoped that my problems would get better through time and not realizing how much it was disabling me and how dysfunctional I had become. Dr. Riley also set up a series of online excercises with instructions and videos to show me how to do them properly. The staff at the CWR Clinic are very friendly and helpful, listening to my needs in order for me to feel better. I would highly recommend the CWR Clinic for their skilled. Compassionate and punctual care. Norma Payne

Norma Payne

Dr. Patricia Riley takes a lot of time to discuss and assess the needs of her patients, and I would particularly recommend her to Pregnant women who need pain relief and long-term, preventative and post-natal therapy. You will find the office atmosphere friendly and the staff knowledgeable and accommodating with punctual appointment times.

Hayley Knapp

Dr. Kris and his team are fantastic! We have been using Dr. Kris and his Team for over 4yrs now, ever expanding their services related to Concussion Testing for female hockey in Whitby. They are time-efficient, knowledgeable and great for working with/helping all age groups. We will continue to work with this great Team due to the countless benefits to our players and expanding services they offer each year to our Association. Whitby Girls Hockey Association


Dr. Kris & Dr. Trish have been fantastic at treating our family. Both are extremely caring individuals that truly care about their patients' well being. They both take the time to educate their patients about all aspects of health, not just chiropractic care. I wish all health care practitioners cared as much as they do!!! I highly recommend Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation.

Nancy Fortunato

I had a neck injury that prevented me from turning or tilting it for years. After I seen Dr. Kristopher Edwards, and RMT Nicole, not only did i regain full range of motion, but the results were long term. It's a great family atmosphere, with incredibly friendly staff that always make you feel comfortable. They listen to your concerns, and provide real advice as to how you can get better, not just keep you coming back for more. Their goal really was to heal me, and not just accept a new patient, and for that, I will always be a repeat patient at Oshawa Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation. Thank you for improving my quality of life!

Shiloh Tobin

By far the best Chiropractor I have been to! Also a very well run place. Always on time, accommodating, and friendly staff. What more could you ask for. (Google Review)

Sandra Hinderyckx

I have been coming to this clinic now for over 2 years. I have a physically demanding profession and carry a lot of stress and muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and lower back. The care that Dr Edwards and his staff have provided for me have helped me enormously, aside from being very friendly and courteous they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend visiting this clinic for treatment. (Google review)

Brian Mann

Such knowledge! My family and I count on Dr. Edwards for maintaining our health and trust him to help "fix" our sports injuries! He takes time at each appointment to make sure we are getting the best treatment. Don't put off taking care of yourself, his rates are amazing and his bedside manner is wonderful!

Stephanie Herrera

This office at 17 Brock St. W in Oshawa is very important in my life. Staff is very professional, polite and helpful. And Michael the massage expert really took good steps in getting rid of my neck pain. No money grubbers here. I have been twice and still owe for both visits. They trust me and go overboard for all clients. Would say to all patients, try them out. Insurance or cash. They are honest, which to me is A-1. Honesty plus knowledge plus required vehicles to use on patients puts them into top realm of their chosen fields.

Philip Dawson

~ I had just found the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Kristopher Edwards... sadly I am moving soon. I wish I could take this awesome little clinic with me. I was treated with the utmost respect and concern. The professionalism and customer QUALITY service they provide for their patients is impeccable and sincere. Not only did Dr. Edwards fix my problem, he also made a clear and precise letter to my employer at no cost. I highly recommend Dr Edwards and Dr. Riley's expertise for many of your wellness needs that this clean and friendly clinic has to offer. I thank you so very much and wish you the very best :) Glenda

Burns Glenda

I am extremely happy with the quality and comfort of my compression socks. It was easy as Dr. Edwards measured me for proper fit and placed the order for me. I was told if there was any concerns with my new compression socks that I was to inform staff. I also found them very easy to put on and to take off. And I found them to be cheaper compared to another reputable medical supply store in Oshawa


I've seen numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists for a neck injury (back in 08) and a torn rotator cuff (July 2014) and nothing worked, until I went here. Within 2 weeks I could move my arm and my neck! I honestly cant thank them enough both their Chiro staff (Dr. Riley/Dr Edwards) and Massage staff (Nicole) are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven O

Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre with Dr. Kristopher Edwards are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They provide thorough and proper chiropractic care for all individuals and certainly deserve a recommendation for anyone seeking a new chiropractor. In addition, for those in need of orthodics for various foot issues, Dr Edwards provides high quality orthodics that aid in the realignment of your feet and subsequent ones back. An all around great family-owned business.

Shawn Archer

Dr. Edwards is very helpful and understanding. After my first visit I started to feel much better. When I have an issue or hurt myself I tell him and he fixes it. Great atmosphere and always on time.

Jesse Jacobs

I have been so very happy with my experiences with this practice!! I came to them very scared and nervous about Chiropractics as a whole, they were very kind and patient, taking the time to explain things to me, which put me completely at ease. I had been experiencing neck pain so severe it was interfering with sleeping and work. Within one treatment, the relief was immense. Over a few treatments, this improved even more. I am so glad I decided to check them out, and would recommend anyone considering chiropractics to definitely come talk to them!

Elyse Crawford


im 57 yrs old and been retired 5 yrs.damaged my elbow to the tricep which i thought would be a 2 week fix,middle of sept arm locks up for 4 weeks,see doctor then specialist total of 8 weeks,he says 8 more weeks to go,now were late nov,i dedcide to see dr. chris,they said 8 he had my arm going in 4 weeks,very good at what he does,end of jan arm moving about 95% now,working out 4 times a week,thanks again

john morrison

This clinic is great. I've had massages from two different therapists and they were both great. Wonderful staff, clean, quiet rooms and very relaxing!

Tina Narang

I have been going to the clinic for the past few years and have found them to be very professional and caring individuals. They have a variety of treatment options and their knowledge of each is superior. I recommend this clinic on an on-going basis. Ann

Annette Hurst

Just about a year ago I fell and ruptured two of my discs in back back as well as having severe spinal stenosis which caused me tremendous discomfort and horrible sensations throughout my body including my arms, my legs, my neck and up all the way to the top of my head.Since that time I just don't know what normal feels like anymore. It's been scary and very debilitating going from an extremely active person to someone unable to sometimes walk properly because of the crippling nature of spinal problems. It's been a very difficult process but from the day I started to see DR. Kristen Hoekstra I have been given hope that I may someday return to the way I use to be without the need for surgery.When I first started I could barely move my neck. She has made me and continues to make me feel inspired through her positive and encouraging attitude and has gained my trust the last 8 or so months to the point I feel totally comfortable with her performing acupuncture and neck adjustments. I don't know where I would be without her. She is definitely amazing at what she does and has brought hope and inspiration in my recovery and I have not once entered her office and not seen her smile.As a patient you feel a warmth and concern from her for your well being when you enter her office and a confidence and hope when you exit. I can't recommend her enough as a chiropractor.

F Shayne

I had just moved to Oshawa when I developed terrible hip pain. It was totally immobilizing and I was very afraid since I had nowhere to go. My sister suggested finding a chiropractor and I lucked out! Dr. Edwards had me mobile after one visit, after 2 I could sleep again and the pain was almost gone. Today, after my third treatment, the pain is totally gone. He couldn't have been more caring or more concerned.. I felt very well treated and reassured. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone with any problem.... chiropractic works!!!!

Linda Hutchinson


I would highly recommend this clinic. We took our 7 month son to see the Chiropractor as he has been having sleep issues. In a couple of weeks, his sleeping habits have improved greatly, and as a result, so have ours!

M Renco

I looked at the testimonials prior to my first visit and thought I would give it a shot as everyone else who went there say awesome things about this clinic and I am glad I took there word for it. I hadn't had chiropractic work done before and well my upper back was in pain all the time. When I walked in, everyone was welcoming and friendly. Dr.Edwards is an amazing, caring and friendly chiropractor. My back feels so much better than when I first walked in the door to this establishment. I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone who needs chiropractic work done and looking for good reasonable prices. (:

Ashley Campbell


Great place! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. They were able to see me right away and accommodate my schedule no problem. Did a great job. Would definitely recommend!

Tawny Lambert

I had much pain and discomfort in my right heel for several months when walking. I sought out relief by going to the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation clinic at 17 Brock Street West in Oshawa Dr. Riley, stating that I had plantar fasciitis, gave me excellent treatments and great advice as well to keep my foot in good condition. With the treatments and exercises at home, I can honestly say my foot was improved dramatically. To keep it that way my feet will be fitted for custom orthotics Brenda Horne Oshawa

Brenda Horne

This is a great establishment! I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr.Riley and Dr. Hoekstra for Chiropractic care and Nicole Andrews for Massage. They are all amazingly friendly and kind. There are other locations that provide services closer to where I live, But I go here instead because of the kind atmosphere and great service! Highly recommend the Hot Stone Massage!

Amanda Hubbard

Always a great experience. So far only Dr Edwards has worked on me, but he has been consistent with the ability to improve my overall quality of life with every visit.

Stephen Burrell

Started using this clinic about 2 weeks ago and they really make you feel welcome. Dr. Edwards is very good at listening to what it is that is bothering you and will not do anything that you are not comfortable with. I have been to a few specialists prior to this and never felt like they cared, this is not the case here! So far I have met all 3 chiropractors and they are all very friendly and professional. Very happy with this clinic!

Liann Trinca

"I have had back problems for more than 30 years off and on. I have been to about ten chiropractors through out that time and always stop going for improvement doesn't seem to be happening. Then one day out of the blue my back was extremely sore, and movement was limited and uncomfortable so to the internet I went in search of another chiropractor having no faith in the ones I used previously, which brought me to the "Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation" and to Dr. Kristen Hoekstra. It was such a pleasure to meet Dr. Hoekstra, for relief was soon to come. Other offices had me in and out very quickly and if the waiting room was busy sometimes very quickly - as in too quickly. I find with Dr. Hoekstra she works hard to get to the issue there and then. I can tell she does all she can to fix you there and then to the best of her ability rather than just do one or two things and tell you to return in 2 days. I can honestly say I have never left her office without feeling some relief and don't see her very often for the relief lasts. At other offices they all want to see me 2 or 3 times a week and having no insurance this becomes expensive, and the wellness they have never tried to encourage me to frequent visits, just as I feel the need. Dr. Hoekstra has reinstalled my faith in the chiropractic healing once again, for before seeing her I truly had none. Me and my back say a big THANK YOU DR. HOEKSTRA, you have made many of my days productive that other wise would have been slow and painful and for this I thank you. Glen Arsenault "

Glen Arsenault

Sometimes I cannot imagine where I'd be if I didn't have Dr.Riley taking care of me. Thank you for all you do, including, but not limited to, all my whining and complaining!

Kerry Watt

Without a doubt, one of the most professional and friendly environments I have experienced. Both Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards are excellent at what they do and explain everything they are about to work on. Every time I go for an adjustment I am greeted with a smile and asked (genuinely) how I am doing! I am not only treated as a patient but they make you feel like a friend as well. I have been going for the last 2 years and feel so much better after I leave!! Highly recommended! :) Side Note: Massage therapy by Lorrie is excellent as well! she provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere and is a very lovely person!

Ashleigh Anthony

I went to see Dr. Patricia Riley because I had pain in my jaw for several weeks. The pain was very uncomfortable, and it hurt every time I swallowed. However, after my first visit to the Doctor, I noticed a 90 percent reduction in the pain by the next morning. Thank you Dr. Riley for your compassion, and for taking the time necessary to realign my jaw. I would highly recommend you and your clinic to my family, friends, and coworkers. Thank you again. Kathy R.

Kathy R

Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards are phenomenal Chiropractors! I have been treated by both, and they are very knowledgeable in what they do and also very well experienced. They make sure they are aware of every detail of my condition to offer the best possible treatment and make sure I leave the office feeling better than from when I walked in. Not only are they highly professional, but they can turn my day around by making me laugh, or with their kind smiles. I first walked into their office with high expectations and until this day, I never leave disappointed. Highly Recommend being treated by either Dr. Both treat exceptionally well and come with their own lovable unique character.

Alice J

I was an intern at the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Clinic for Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards. I was fortunate enough to see the everyday life at the clinic from all aspects. Both were able to teach me so much because they are so knowledgeable and so experienced. There is not one case they cannot handle! Not only did I get to know them on a professional level but I got to know both of them on a personal level. I can truly say that they are both such kind-hearted people and bring a positive vibe to the clinic. Interning for both of you has shed a new light on the Chiropractic profession for me. It was great interning with you both. Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards truly care about each and every patient they treat, and I highly recommend being treated by either Chiropractor!

carmen J

I received care from both Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards for a knee injury sustained at work. Though this could be a very stressful event, the Doctors were always on top of my files and made it so that all I had to do was show up and feel better. These are doctors who work with WSIB closely and know how best to handle your case!

Deanna Williams
High School Teacher

My recent post to facebook: Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation, 17 Brock St. W, Oshawa, 905-720-1881... Today I suffered the most, debilitating, excruciating upper back pain of my life. I could not take a deep breath for over 1 1/2 hours, couldn't even move to get dressed. I made an emergency call to my chiropractor at home. He could only suggest an anti-inflammatory and was able to offer me an appointment later in the morning. In the mean time I contacted telehealth.. they urged me to have an ambulance pick me up and take me to the hospital... I told them that wasn't happening as there was no way I could get dressed. Once the advil fianally kicked in I was able to get dressed, but still in major pain. I went to see my family doctor. He thought I had a pulled muscle and told me that my chiropractor would not be able to help me and prescribed me some t3's (I do love my family dr, but hate med's). The point of this story... I was treated by my chiropractor, haven't taken an advil since 1:00 pm and I feel almost back to normal. Pretty amazing. I was in so much pain that I convinced myself I had broken a rib. (I have a very high pain tolerance... 2 natural births, no epidural.. just to prove a point :) Anyway... I strongly recommend Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley for Chiropractic. They also have great massage therapists at the clinic and many excellent services.

Angie Sitaram

My husband and I have been going to this clinic for years now, and I can't express how grateful we are for the emergency services. Dr. Edwards is always so accommodating and quick to respond to our injuries. I have also had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Riley during my first pregnancy. She was great and really knows how to maneuver a big pregnant belly. She was also able to turn my baby from breech to head down a few weeks before my delivery, pain free. Definitely a reliable, friendly and professional environment. Highly recommended to everyone we know!

Aimee O'Brien

I've had neck pain for years but this last week and a half had been particularly bad. I decided to see a chiropractor. After my first time here, I couldn't be any happier. I got relief right away and mobility back.. amazing. I went from feeling the worst my neck has been to the best it's been in as far back as I can remember. Thank you Dr. Edwards I'd be pretty miserable right now if not for you.

Pierre Sabourin


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